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For Sale

We have several milkers, dry does, doelings and select bucklings available. Contact us for more information on who is available. SEE OUR DOE PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THOSE AVAILABLE


MoneyPit Farms$$ JK Misty $600- REDUCED $500 - PENDING - DEPOSIT RECEIVED

Friendly doe. Walks well on collar and stands clipped. Freshened in February. Only milking 1xday currently. Does great for machine milking or hand milking. FF


The Paisleys Moana *M 2017 Model - Freshened 4 times Approachable and likes attention but not overly friendly

Good brood doe, very productive, raises healthy kids. She had triplets, triplets, quads and then a single this year. 2 daughters retained.  $400 with papers or $200 without. In milk currently. PENDING BACK TO HER BREEDER KS

Busy Browsers B Lunar Eclipse - $700- REDUCED $600 - PENDING - DEPOSIT RECEIVED

Super easy to handle. Walks well on a collar, milk stand trained either hand milking or machine. Stands clipped, friendly personality. My kids handle her easily. 

Busy Browsers B Kiss and Tell 3*M - $600

Friendly but not overly so. She warms up to new people. Walks easily on a collar, milk stand trained to either hand milking or machine. Stands clipped and is handled easily by children. Was appraised as an FF in 2022 +VE+ 85. She has matured in depth of body and is a long bodied doe. She is very productive and is on milk testing, with her last test being 5.15 lbs. She has small teats but a buttery smooth udder with open orfices that easily allows for hand milking regardless of her teat size. She has a doeling by Tres Rios Dontchatrustmehoney that can go with her $1,100 for both. 

Busy Browsers B Tootie Fruity - $400 - HORNED

Friendly doe who has picked up on milking as an ff very easily. She is a queen bee and with having more than one here there tends to be more conflicts with a large herd. She may do better where she is not competing for the top spot. She can go with either or both of her doelings by Tres Rios Dontchatrustmehoney $900 for her and one of her twins, $1,400 for her and both doelings. Doelings available for $600 each or $1,100 for both.  

Busy Browsers HB Milky Way - $500

Easy to handle but not overly friendly. Very capacious and has nice production. I am keeping her doelings and letting her move on to a new home. Does well for milking and leads well. Is more flighty to catch but easy to handle once she is caught. Would do better for that in a smaller herd. 

Busy Browsers HA Love Letter - $600 

FF that freshened with triplets. Productive doe and very capacious for an FF. 

Not friendly but is slowly becoming less scared with being handled more daily.  I do not think she will ever be overly friendly, but manageable. Being routinely handled, standing tied and milked. Did not have kids pulled at birth, which would have helped this process. 


Email for photos until I have time to update our website or see our Facebook page. 

Dam: Busy Browsers HB Milky Way (Algedi Farm MB Honeymoon Bay ++*B X Busy Browsers RS Rockalicious 1*M) Sire: Leisure Time Lets Starta Riot *B - 1 available $600


Dam: Busy Browsers B Tootie Fruity (Valley's -Edge M Baloo X Alethia SHH Wedding Bells 1*M) Sire: Tres Rios Dontchatrustmehoney - 2 available $600 each or $1,100 for pair

Dam: Busy Browsers HA Love Letter (Busy Browsers DA Heir Apparent *B x Busy Browsers HB First Kiss 2*M) Sire: Leisure Time Lets Starta Riot *B - 3 available $600 each or $1,100 for pair or $1,500 for all 3

Dam: Busy Browsers B Kiss and Tell 3*M( Valley's-Edge M Baloo X Busy Browsers HB First Kiss 2*M) - 1 available $600 


3 bucklings to chose from out of Busy Browsers HB First Kissl 2*B and Tres Rios Dontchatrustmehoney 

2 chocolate buckskins and one black with white overlay. Normally would be $600, but offering for $450 each

1 buckling out of Busy Browsers RS Money Shot and Tres Rios Dontchatrustmehoney - Chocolate Normally would be $550, but offering for $400


Bottle bucklings available $50 each; weaned $100 (if available)

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