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Raymond Jake Farm’s Sale Policy


Raymond Jake Farm reserves the right to retain any progeny from any breeding at any time. Verbal reservations are accepted. If you would want to place a deposit prior to kidding those reservations would take precedence over any without a deposit. Once you have decided to purchase an animal a deposit of $100 per animal is required to hold your animal. This deposit is non-refundable. Should your chosen animal become unavailable for any reason we will refund the deposit or it can be moved towards the purchase of a different animal available. Pickup is to be discussed and arranged at the time of the deposit being made. We will wait 7 days to receive your deposit. If said deposit is not received within that time frame the animal will be offered back for sale. Full payment can be made prior to pickup or at time of pickup. PayPal  or cash is accepted at time of pickup. If you wish to use a check as a form of final payment it must be received at least 1 week prior to pickup to allow for funds to be cleared. PayPal fees are to be paid by the buyer or friends and family should be used.

If an animal is not picked up within 30 days of the deposit received, or given weaning date,  a $10/day boarding fee will apply. After an additional 30 days of boarding if the animal is not picked up and paid in full, including boarding fees, the buyer forfeits their deposit and said animal will be offered back for sale.

Our bucklings leave at 8-10 weeks of age. Wethers are available after 12 weeks of age.

Our doelings leave between 10-12 weeks old. Please be sure to take this into consideration prior to reserving one of our kids. We schedule our weaning based on these time frames, however actual weaning depending on the kids as individuals and what works best for them. 

Once they leave our farm they become the responsibility of the buyer and we are no longer responsible for them.

If a buyer requests their goat not be disbudded we require 100% of the purchase price at time of agreement.

We test all animals, that are at least 8 months old at the time of testing, for CAE annually. Results are posted on our Facebook page until we are able to fully update our website. We can also send them electronically upon request.


We do not conduct blood testing for CL, as our research has shown it to be inaccurate and unreliable. Should we ever have a suspicious abscess our practice would be to draw from the fluids of the abscess itself to be tested. 

We also do not conduct blood testing for Johnes Disease due to its unreliability as well. 

Here at Raymond Jake Farm we are committed to the quality of our animals. 

If there is ever an issue with an animal that has been purchased by us we encourage buyers to reach out and contact us. We will do our best to remedy the situation.

Our policy on any DQs on our stock as well as breeding soundness, etc…, whether it is bred by us or not, is to first verify the potential issue. This may be done via pictures, video to verify animal or by a licensed veterinarian. Papers are pulled on said animals. We will ask for the papers back on sold animals to transfer back in our name to ensure that animal does not continue in a breeding program.

A replacement will be given within 12 months, if one is not made available seller will refund the buyer in full. This may be done sooner at the discrecretion of the seller.

We are committed to the integrity of our herd. We stand behind our word and want to ensure our buyers that we do everything we can to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

Brandi Daugherty

~Raymond Jake Farms~


General Pricing:


Discounts given to CURRENT performance homes with proof of current, active participation. 

Registered Doelings: $650+

Registered Bucklings: $550+

We will ONLY be offering bucklings out of our best does. If we would not retain them to use in our program we will not offer them. We may offer a buckling out of an FF at a discounted price if we feel the pairing may prove to be promising.

Bucklings sold without applications or as wethers $150+

This is only given as a general guideline of where our pricing starts. Milk awards, LA scores, etc will be considered when we decide pricing on particular pairings.

Prices given prior to full assessment will be honored for those who have paid a deposit or verbal reservation on a particular pairing/kid. Prices on all other kids/bucks/does are subject to change at our discretion. 

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