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Cadet, MO

At Raymond Jake Farm we are striving to breed quality ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarfs that not only meet breed standards but also perform well in the pail with the longevity to continue to do so for years to come. 
We maintain a small herd, so we are constantly reevaluating our herd members and how well they are working in our program.

We are excited to be an ADGA Plus herd for 2024.

We have had goats since 2012. We sold out for a short time and then reestablished our herd in 2017, with 2018 being our first year back into kidding. We sold majority of our does in 2022 and brought in an established herd with the same genetics we had worked with since our reestablishment. We are evaluating and narrowing down the best of the best and how they fit into our future vision of our herd while also keeping our numbers low to a manageable number with having 2 young kiddos. Balance in life as well as their care are the upmost reason for keeping our numbers low. This will create the opportunity for some lovely does to be available that may just be too closely related to who all we keep. 


Please see our Facebook page for latest information and more photos and what is going on around our farm!

AJ, Brandi, Paisley and Presley Daugherty

Raymond Jake Farm

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