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We are Andrew and Brandi Daugherty II and live here in Cadet, MO. We have been on our farm since 2010.

Together since 2008, married in 2014 with 2 daughters. Paisley joined our human herd in 2015 and Presley in 2021. 


Brandi is the primary caretaker of all things 'goating' but it is nice to have the family involved in some aspects as well. She works for our local school district in central office as the Business Manager/Bookkeeper. This job change in 2021 has allowed her to have a more flexible schedule close to home for our human kids. 

Andrew (AJ) is a Supervisor for a company an hour north of home. He enjoys body work and painting vehicles, particularly of the classic variety. You can often find him working on projects in his garage or odd and end things around the farm.

Paisley and Presley are ever growing and developing their interests. Paisley is very much into fashion and incredibly creative like her Dad. Presley is always excited to try new things and adventurous. Our girls are peaking interest in showing, so that is a venture we are looking to partake lightly in for 2025. 



Our goats are not just livestock. They truly are individuals that we love and spend time with outside of the normal prevue of the whole goating experience. Not only do we expect them to be handled daily, milk, be clipped, have their feet trimmed, walk on a collar, stand clipped (tied), cooperate for other shenanigans/handling, but we also want them to want to spend time with us. We want to enjoy our animals outside of what they provide for us and what we expect of them for general maintenance and overall health.  Having two younger children we want them to be safe to handle for our girls as well. When you purchase a goat from us we want to be sure to help you make your choice not only on performance and potential, but also personality to help make the best fit for you. 

We want to provide the best we can for our goats to set them up for success not only for ourselves but also for any potential future owners. We have had great success with feeding Bioworma to our herd the last couple of years to help mitigate any worm loads. We do this in conjunction with kelp, as we have found that if we ration out the amount needed of Bioworma daily for the herd and add the same amount in kelp we can put it out free choice and the herd consumes it timely. This has been the best option for feeding it that we have found. 

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