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S: Busy Browsers DA Sharp Shootr 
SS: Alethia DJ Done It Again *B (GCH ALGEDI FARM DROPS OF JUPITER *B EEE 91 (2015 ADGA Nationals Premier Sire) X SG ALETHIA CTO DEW IT AGAIN 6*M) 
SD: Gerber Hill Lalli Von Hoffmann (Tiny Tales Rumplstilzchen X Gerber Hill Elsa Von Hoffmann) 

D: The Paisleys Moana 1*M
DS: Zanzabeez ZSR Indiana Jones (Olson Acres Zoot Suit Riot X Irish Whisper IM River Dance)

DD: Dill's BF Glitz - Littermate sister to SGCH Dill's BF Glamour 4*M VEEE91 (SG NC Promiseland RC Bonafide ++*B X GCH/MCH Dill's XM Shimmer 3*M EEEE 92)

"Mori" pictured below as a kid. Dam pictured partially milked out. 

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